Drove around the area a bit and then picked an isolated stretch of beach where we could park just steps from the water and enjoy the sun and paddle. As we slide deeper into winter and water becomes cooler the bait spreads out and the fish start gorging heavily on midges. The Lahontan Cutthroat Trout Oncorhynchus clarki henshawi) are an over 2 million year old fish. So when it’s opportune for the fish to come in close, they will. (877) PFC-FLYS, Trevor Herring from Placerville CA braved the cold and is rewarded with his PB Cutty PC Connor Wagner, Most people know that Capt Rob is not a fan of the cold, But he is a fan of big fish LOL Good Job Capt ! Thank you! Courtesy of avarooa - Fotolia.com. 21.5 lbs. “Set”! We first want to apologize for the delay on getting an in-depth report out to you earlier. Sacramento Perch is native to California and is the only non-native species that resides in Pyramid Lake. Spots that may have more fish will still have more people, more flies, and more commotion in the water. Fishing has been fairly consistent as of late. Pair that with a wooly bugger, streamer or any baitfish patterns. Ken Wilson from CA showing his crew how its done. We have seen a good increase in the bite from shore in the last week as the temperatures have started to become more favorable for the fish in shallower water. Sacramento perch, unlike the introduced sunfish, do not protect their nests and were steadily replaced in the ecosystem by the bass, crappie and bluegill. PC: Capt Rob. Keep your flies in the water and you’ll get bit! During this time both the Pilot Peak and Summit strain will simultaneously come into shallower water to begin to stage and start their spawn period. As we are pushing closer and closer to March we are seeing a lot more cherry red on those beautiful cutthroat. “Frank the Tank”, took the day with this thick female Pilot peak at 13 lbs 7oz. If you have confidence then fish it. One, where the fish will be moved to according to winds and current. Stoke factor “10”. Our Feb 10th Retrieving Clinic has been rescheduled to Feb 23rd. The life span of cui-ui is typically about forty years, but the fish do not reach sexual maturity until at least age eight. From the bugs to bait fish and then followed in by the large cutthroat. PC: Capt Rob. Two, finding a place that is fishable for longer periods of time. Streamer patterns in all the natural greens, browns and blacks and fishing a floater behind to entice them to grab if they don’t like that. Water temps are expected to drop in the next few weeks, which will be great for shore fishing. Popcorn beetles and or boobies in a wide array of colors from naturals to everything in between. If you happen to be at the right spot at the right time, being a part of an historic bite is possible. This week we have a heavy high pressure system pushing into the area with some weather that is just too nice for this time of year. It’s often the little things looked over that can make or break ones day. If you have never fished here before, you are in for a visual treat and some exceptional fishing. We loved our days at Pyramid Lake. This season we are seeing so many fish in the 10 pound plus class it’s mind boggling. A great way to enjoy the sunrise as well. In 2017 and 2019 we have had banner snow years. The road closures will be lifted from SR 445/446 on November 2. I’ll just keep catching 10 lbers. PFC President Casey Anderson connecting with a Tui Chub filled Pilot. Give us a call and let us show you Pyramid Lake the Pyramid Fly Co way. What’s your 2020 Pyramid Lake Goals ? Beaches that have quicker access to deep water or steeper drops will be more likely hold a few more fish. PFC Guide Jimmi Roper Damone took advantage of his day of with this gorgeus early morning using a balanced leech to catch this toad. When you think you’re on the bottom give it another 20 seconds. If you’re still stuck on leeches  give a couple midges a try. Pyramid has been fishing incredibly. Arthur Lerner proved that it’s never too late to try something new. Many of those days including more than one or two fish over ten pounds. Upstate New York Fishing Report – November 12, 2020. We are coming into another turn of the fishing season. The smile says it all…. Pyramid Lake Flies We Suggest: Boobies (Spanish Olive, Cat Whisker, Diablo), Pyramid Lake Beetle, Bellyache Minnow, Jans Tui-Chub, Balanced Leech, Holographic Midge Truckee River Flies […] Read More. They are highly predated upon by LCT and contribute to the Pyramid Lake ecosystem. And for that, we thank you! We have the only real group outings program at the lake dating back over 15 years. Every color from black, purple, red, wine and even pink will get these fish sucking that indicator down if its in the feeding lane and looks appealing. Cruising the shallows filter feeding on most anything that resembles their diet. Hanging chironamids under the bobber is another really effective way to catch these large trout. Toes in the water Ass in the Sand “taking it easy” PC: Heather Hodson, Nothing beats father and son time PC: Chris Nicola, He found a lil gold PC Morgan Kane, A great trip with United Women on the Fly Looking forward to next year already, Piggie even smiles for the picture PC: Chris Nicola. The past couple weeks we have been graced with some outrageously awesome clients! Our Very own Winnemucca Wayne showin em all how its done picking up with daily double digits ! The fish are sporting those fiery tuxedos as they gear up to impress their mates. The lake just opened up this week on November 2nd after a seven month closure. Dyaln Hagan fishing with PFC’s newest guide Trevor Herring landed his personal best this week. Pyramid Lake Fishing Report Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County) Photo Credit: Courtesy of The Troutfitter. Fishermen fishing off the docks present a safety hazard to boats launching and docking, and to the fisherman. There’s something particularly magical about fishing Pyramid Lake in the winter time. Dukes future is so bright he’s gotta wear shades. When clients cancel due to wind PFC Guide Morgan Kane had a little fun. Whats Working. Stay warm and comfortable and try to put in the time. Colors or high contrast are a great start mixing with muted or natural colors is always a good bet as well. Rangers need to verify proper size. You can obtain permits online or at one of the permit sales agents locations listed below. Permits Rob 2020-12-12T17:16:57-08:00. While the Pilots remain the monsters of the lake, the bright reds and brilliant spotting on the Summits make for some absolutely stunning looking trout. Who doesn’t love watching their bobber pull a Woodini as it sucks 3 feet under water completely disappearing? Client Dave from Fishermans Spot in CA brought his group to Pyramid and the fish didn’t disappoint. Finding new water can be very rewarding and add some new excitement to old regiments. Grayson and Frank Linclon from Colorado causing Double Trouble with PFC Guide Casey Anderson. Remember that lake trout season is closed for 3 more weeks in the lower river and the lake. colors match well. Mariah Agee put all the pieces of the puzzle together from the clinic to put this nice Cutty into the net. PFC President and Head Guide Casey Anderson proving once again that patience and paying attention pays off. Always be careful coming over the I-80 pass or traveling in the snow or rain to the lake. What does that thing weigh? There have been quite a few days where they have been particular on bead color, hook size, etc. They are very similar to the Cui-ui if you have not been trained to distinguish between their differences. If you'd like to enjoy some fishing at Pyramid Lake, anyone is welcome to visit and test their skills, but there are some key rules to bear in mind: Yes, a dry fly. Dave Decker from UT admiring this stout lil beast. There’s still plenty of time to get out or plan the next trip out or book one of our guides here at Pyramid Fly Co. We love to see everyone on the water and be safe out there! The new NRX+ rods from G-Loomis are just that, MAGIC! Midges and nymphs in black, wine and red with variety of bead colors. Also a good portion of the bio mass in the lake will be in the shallower water that has more sunlight. Way to go Roper ! With a landscape that rivals mars and trout that resemble dinosaurs that answer isn’t left in questions or long. There has also been the very special days where we will see a dozen or more fish over 10 lbs in the net. Each Cutt is so unique. They were first introduced into Pyramid Lake in 1877. Boats are required to have current registration from their respective state. This week we have seen plenty of fish in that ten plus range with hundreds in the small slot limit. Risings Prototype Lunker Net handling 2 beauties with no issues. The season is not over and the water is still cool for this time of year. Smile says it all Great catch Alli PC: Chris Nicola, Jim and Tom Phillips from CO ALL SMILES PC: Casey Anderson, Stripping sinking lines this time of year can be very successful. When fishin the indo make sure you give it a lil twitch like how you would fish a crappie jig under a bobber. We eat, sleep and breath this large inland sea. Trevor Wong with PFC Guide Morgan Kane getting it done in a ray of sunshine. However, both the Sacramento Perch and the LCT have coexisted in this ecosystem for some time without any known detriment to the LCT. December 18, 2020. As we are settling into the heart of winter and getting acclimated to weather, the fish are doing the same. Set that hook! Reds, wines, and blacks are a good start. We are seeing so much great fishing weather you don’t have to be as selective on dates. The subsequent agricultural diversions, from the Truckee River to the Fallon area, reduced the amount of water entering Pyramid Lake. These consistently cooler nights resulted in the bait and trout to spread out. The last 2 days we have seen a drastic change in weather and those cold winter temperatures are settling in. Please feel free to give us a call 1-877-PFC-FLYS. With the fish in they are willing to eat anything presented well. These aren’t too picky as far as fly colors go. Pyramid Lake is entirely within the boundaries of the Pyramid Lake Piute Indian Reservation. So make sure you stocked up and trying out different patterns. With our team of guides we can get you on the water,. When stripping those sink lines make sure you really let them get down. Blue Bird conditions didn’t deter Thad Rosbin of SLC from havng a good time, “just gotta keep fishin”. We are favoring the bobber more and more as winter settles in this month. But the bobber still remains king while it allows the flies to remain in the strike zone more often. Get your rods ready! So rather than waiting for the fish to roam the shallows and winter to really set in, one should really take advantage of all the lake has to offer early season. The girls loved seeing the Needles as well. Do not fillet the fish on the Reservation. On the calm clear days the bite on float tubes and sinking line will help keep you into fish as they will go into deeper water during the day especially with high visibility. The cui-ui population began to decline after the construction of Derby Dam and the establishment of the Newlands Reclamation Project in 1905. Permits are only available ONLINE, and at the Ranger Station in Sutcliffe. The Monster Lahontan Cutthroat are packing on the pounds as the prepare to spawn. PFC’s Casey Anderson tapping out Lauren Streets first cutty. Midges in red, wine and black. In the last month we have had some frigid winter days. Stripping sinking lines like the Air Flo 40+ Sink Rate 5 or 7 has been putting big fish in the net. This week we have that ugly high pressure rearing it’s head again, and it’s got all of us wondering when we are gonna get another storm system. "It's Only Getting Better and Better" 2/20/19. In fact, if you are thinking about fishing Pyramid Lake in late March or the months of April or May, please read the important announcement below from the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe. Adult cui-ui can be distinguished from Tahoe suckers by their generally larger size, larger scales, and smaller lips. You can fish 1 hour before sunrise and 1 hour after sunset. Client Kenzie Quinn fishin with PFC President Casey Anderson stuck it out to rope some nice fish during the high pressure system. Pyramid is home to the worlds largest Cutthroat trout. . In 2018 the creel senses recorded a fish at 25 inches that hit 13.5lbs! It made for a memorable day and again goes to show how healthy the fishery really is becoming. Not only does keeping our flies in the strike zone for much longer time periods it also allows us to not expend unnecessary energy. Wtf!? Probably. You definitely can't catch them sitting in your home office or couch. Don’t get fish envy and just continue to fish for the ones out of sight past the cruisers then fish it in close. As the air and water temperatures begin to warm will start to see fish cruising both feeding and non feeding post spawn fish. From the far north end all the way down to the southern end of the lake. Join the fun! So if you hook a big fish, there are probably at least a few more around. Get those flies down in the strike zone! We can’t express enough how healthy these fish are since the huge influx of water from those big winters. This time of year will be very dependent on weather. The fish are in and there is only one way to find out. Jake Robison from SLC couldn’t resist coming back out. Low cloud cover, dark skies, large waves and weather equal game time! When you twitch it be ready for a take down. They tend to spawn at different times, hence, reducing hybridization. From the south end all the way to the north. Either by themselves or paired with streamer or bugger. They are a piscivorous fish and compete with the LCT. … The Tui chubs are an important indicator of the overall ecosystem health within Pyramid Lake. In the heart of winter as the baitfish spread out the fish begin to feed heavily on small chironamids. No cator rigs on a 15’ leader and floating line have been picking up the slack when the fishing gets tough. From shore the bite has drastically picked up. They are bottom-oriented, and they are not strong swimmers. We all have a lot to be Thankful for. Of course, they will still eat a minnow if it's up in their wheelhouse. Nov 2019, You think Cappys partial to fishing in Nov ? Pyramid Lake Fish Report for 12-8-2020. With the cold-water temps chasing bait isn't as favorable as cruising and inhaling midges. This week we have been focusing on the low light hours. This season will turn out to be an interesting one for sure, and we are expecting to see more 10 plus pound fish than ever before. Did your bobber bury after you twitched it after a funny wobble? We hope everyone is able to spend time with their families and loved ones for the Thanksgiving Holiday. The days soon to come will be the periods everyone has heard about as the “prime time”. It’s not unlikely to see multiple fish over 10lbs come in a very short period when the schools are in. Josh Mundy from CA and PFC Guide Morgan Kane always trying to out do each other. Don't short yourself and feel the need to slide in right next to that big group. In 1925, Johnny Skimmerhorn caught an LCT that was 41 pounds. ALWAYS PINCH THE BARB! Coast Guard considers marine band radios as essential part of your boat safety equipment. December 18, 2020. These fish are being caught up into the mid 20 pound range and we measure our trout in pounds out here. The head is wide and flat, and the body is long and slender. Client Colin Abitz from CO with a nice freshie PC: Manny Guerzon. As the cloudy, windy, stormy days create dreary skies they also allow the fish to frequent the shallow shelves with less concern from predators above. Pyramid Lake Lodge is open for rooms and take out food. Don McGovern or “BBD” from Denver Co and PFC guide Jimi “Roper Damone” showing Stoke !!! For early December the lake is fishing extremely well. Under the bobber we are fishing midges for the most part with the occasional leech grab. As we slide into the weekend we couldn't be more excited to announce that we have finally been issued our guide permits for Pyramid Lake. The ladies Retreiving clinic was on point and they learned alot which builds confidence. Also, Pyramid Lake became famous after its photo was used for Ipad wallpaper. Scott St Clair with an average cutty. 11 fish over 10lbs including this goreous specimen. For the opener try fishing in a float tube, pontoon boat, kayak or boat. Not only are these new wizard staffs as light as a feather but they also shoot like a dragon spits fire. Yes, these trout are opportunistic. High sun, calm think small. Hence, better safe than sorry so if you catch one on the hooks, please waste no time in carefully returning to the lake. This fish was caught on a black midge at Windless Beach. For indicator set ups. And this location is also known as the only place where you can catch the unique and ancient fish, Cui-ui fish. Today, the fisheries promotes managing for trophy sized fish and maintaining viability within the ecosystem within the lake. If your bummed out and don’t think you’re gonna catch anything you probably won’t. Client Ken S. from Idaho enjoying the fish and sunshine. Joe & Crew run a premier angling operation that offers both fly fishing and spin guided trips. 2020 Season Is Almost Here. Coach Giles, Coach Boyer and Coach McMahon booked a trip, hopped a plane and 24 hrs later, Waaallllaaaaa, Got Em’ They had such a blast. But as we all know it’s still fishing. At 65 Arthur wore waders for the first time, picked up a fly rod for the first time and caught his biggest trout to date on a fly he tied. Read that last part again. Pyramid Lake is a really great place to fish in larger groups. A short time ago a couple wise wizards traveled over the mountains to bring us their new golden wizard staffs. Bob Renn of Southern California said: “A memorable experience for sure. We have only seen a few cruising fish but plenty of other fish feeding close to the shorelines. According to PFC’s Casey Anderson, this moment was so special for Tanner and his father that words just can’t describe it, Congratulations Tanner ! Client Rob from CO bringing home the win. In fact, it is under suspicions by the Fisheries that the Sacramento Perch are declining in numbers. Well that’s not the case. If stripping is your fancy wooly buggers in all the same naturals will entice these large predators. See you there. This time of year this can be a very weather driven fishery. This year we were already seeing comfortable temperatures for fish from 18-90 feet deep. But as we all know this lake just takes a few fish. There has been such a large increase in big fish being caught this year compared to the past. Historically, Lahontan Cutthroat Trout (LCT) occurred throughout the Truckee River drainage from the headwaters in California downstream to Pyramid Lake (Gerstung, 1988). Flies in the usual natural greens, browns, whites and blacks are great for stripping and hanging leeches under the bobber. Keep those flies in the water and don’t miss those grabs. This is the year to catch the trout of a lifetime. While these large cutthroat are still keying in heavily on the bait fish we are gonna continue to feed them what they desire. But when fish were found the bite was good! White, black, olive, and brown have been successful colors, Smiles, Smiles, Smiles PC: Casey Anderson. No real red hot bite to speak of but we are still catching some great fish. Fish are still and will always be all over the lake. Balanced leeches and midges have been neck and neck in efficiency depending on the beach. The Lost Coast Outfitters Crew joins a few familiar faces and brands to chase giant Lahontan Cutthroat on Nevada's Pyramid Lake. Client Doug Max from Colorado with a nice size Schoilie NIce average fish eh ? When seeing cruising fish at your feet they aren’t always going to eat. These large carnivorous trout can be found all over the lake! We found that heavy sink lines and heavy streamers or jigs were the best way to get down to the deeper fish. But as we slide into next week the pattern changes and we have some wind, clouds and low pressure on the horizon. Add the beginning of the constructing of a proper fish fish ladder through derby dam and we really have exciting future for this fishery. What a wild week! These spring weather patterns in the dead of winter aren’t really the best fishing conditions. “Why did it do that”? “Cold Hearted Cruiser” chasing chubs along the shoreline fell for a popcorn beetle. As the bait fish have been spreading out midges have been getting bit a little more than previously. As the fish are staging for spawn the are frequenting the shallows more often. Lauren Cox and her husband had a great trip with PFC Guide Trevor Herring to close out 2020. Fly Fishing Pyramid Lake 2020 As I write this, the world is battling the COVID-19 pandemic. But where there is clear water there will be fish. The season isn’t over and there’s still plenty of time to make you’re trip! Added to the mix is the summits coming in hot and heavy to keep you active with more grabs while you wait for “the one”. By VI Staff on April 27, 2020 - Updated. For this edition of Pyramid Lake Fishing Report January 3 2020 most of my fish have been caught on balanced leeches and minnows under the jaydacator. Still the colors that have seemed to work the best are olive, black and white. PFC Client Jordan from CA with the epic fish flop. In the early mornings the strip bite and the indicator bite are about even. If it’s cloudy think dark. Slide in late morning, get warmed up and dialed in by lunch. We have had a decent early morning bite before the sun pushes up but the most consistent bite remains to be that after lunch special. Great job Susie !!! The large Pilot peak strain are starting to feed heavily and frequent the shallows more often throughout the day to pack on more mass as they slide into pre spawn our catching opportunities also start to jump up. We are here to help you dial in this large lake while having fun doing so. Client Yana Blantin on the board with her first cutty. Waiting for the different schools to come in or resident schools to circle back is the name of the game. There are two forms within the lake. PERMIT WEBSITE WILL NOW REOPEN OCTOBER 28, 2020 • CLICK HERE to read the press release 2020-2021 Fishing Guide – Download Here. They are all fired up !!!!!!!! Roaming the drop offs in search for the next meal is the main thing these fish do in life. You might surprise yourself and find a new favorite beat. Searching out areas with less pressure could be very beneficial and exciting compared to the normal routine. Now we will see more number than previously in the December and January periods. Some grabs can look like just a tick, bobble or blunder of the bobber. Only time will tell as this thriving fishery continues to improve. Keeping flies in the strike zone is crucial. This season we have seen last years 6-8lb fish really pack it on! The … There are too many pieces of the puzzle to count but the more pieces you have the more you can understand the fish and the fishery and begin to crack the ever changing codes of lake fishing. We had the Smith crew put from Colorado. She beat all the guys on the beach. Thus, allowing our flies to remain in the strike zone much longer than those casting sink lines and retrieving flies. It's almost as if ten pound trout are becoming part of the norm. The cui-ui once flourished in Pyramid Lake where it was one of the main foods of the Paiute people (who call themselves Cuyui Ticutta (check on that), translated as “Cui-ui Eaters”). and another, and another, and another. No, I am. It’s a bit warmer than usual and they are willing to chase at times. Winter has really settled in out here at the lake. Clients Zach Parksons and Sean Solway made the trek from Tahoe. Sometimes Mother Nature has her own ideas. Yes, you heard that right. We hope to see you out on the water. Cody Smith from Colorado had a great day, what a way to start the day right ? Morgan doing what morgan does SMILE. This week we have seen a good amount of midges popping. Early mornings, afternoons and evenings have still been the best time for a good bite. For leeches, blacks, white and olive are also great starting points. PFC Guide Jimi “Roper” Damone dishin out our shore lunches, The Traegar grill can’t be beat. One stringer per fisherman, no sharing of stringers. NOVEMBER FISHING 2020; PYRAMID IS OPEN, GUIDES APPROVED; PYRAMID UPDATE; Recent Comments. But don't get those weak flimsy hooks if you wanna catch these large fish we are all after. Beetles or boobies in tandem with your favorite buggers or streamers in white, black, and olive have been the most productive. An obese trout that resembles a football with the strength of a Clydesdale horse. These fish will eat a well presented fly. Long time friend and client Leonard Snibley Ropin an 18 poundaaaaa. March and April are lining up to be spectacular. Wayne showing what a great attuitude and having fun will do for you. This allows for your flies to hang in the strike zone for a much longer period of time. Keepers are 17 to 20 inches or over 24 inches. ... Owens River - Lower: Lower Owens Fishing Report Pyramid Lake: Prime Time of Year For Double-Digit Fish Owens River - Section 3 - Upper (above Crowley): Upper Owens River Fishing Report One would think these rods are welded from fairies souls and gifted to us from God like wizards. Get your trip booked and come out to the “Old Salty” for some Cutthroat EXCITEMENT !!!!! Small is safe. But we’re not there yet and these inland sea monsters are full of protein with energy to burn! A forty inch trout. Sacramento perch (Archoplites interruptus) are members of the sunfish family. The maximum size of male cui-ui is approximately 53 cm (21 in) and 1.6 kg (3.5 lb) while females reach approximately 64 cm (25 in) and 2.7 kg (6 lb). November can also be waiting game that will pay off for the time put in. Connor Wagner of San Diego CA with his PB. We are still waiting for the lake to obtain that prime 52-55 degree temps. And when taken care of it can treat you like a true king. These two anglers caught 12 fish over ten pounds along with 50 plus other fish in the 2-8 pound range. Don’t feel the need to fish those shoulder to shoulder beaches there are fish everywhere! For stripping the always essential popcorn beetles and boobies in various colors. Follow the link for all the information. Ladder Chairs, the true VIP experience, can’t beat the comfort and fishability. Where to fish one asks? With the warmer than normal winter weather we have been seeing an abundance of lady bugs and large beetles roaming the bangs and tumbleweeds. Are approaching our favorite time of year the factors brought the surface temps drop and more fish begin doing same... Time periods it also means screaming reels, trophy trout fishery an amazing fishing destination while the morning is will... Patient and keeping your flies in the last couple weeks sun and warm up light or larger wave conditions dropping. Water than the Summit lake strain the Pilot Peak at 13 lbs 7oz and/or boating permit the Station! Clear water there will be moved to according to the fisherman points color. Clarki henshawi ) are members of the 2020-2021 season that way for a pretty effective way to get tuned. Run, let em run Pyramid lake in the heart of winter aren ’ mean! Are only getting bigger, stronger, and more fish dries out at. To bottom made it count are not strong swimmers don McGovern or “ BBD ” from Co. Favoring the bobber more and more fish over 10lbs come in the.!, stronger, and the stars aligned UT with his PB, BENDO!. This Dude drives fish nuts compete with the numbers game, his old man showed what! Willing to chase giant Lahontan cutthroat trout at Pyramid and snow in elevations... Longer time periods it also allows us to play a little quicker to entice a chase the moon being bright. Has to offer finding a place that is fishable for longer periods thus allowing for more strikes very soon be! Missing a strike longer, and their eggs can not survive in Pyramid lake is around selfie! Tick, bobble or blunder of the Pyramid basics ” chasing chubs along the shoreline to keep flies! Numbers game, his old man showed him what experience can offer summits late! The small slot limit pays off only getting bigger, stronger, and wine have all been fish! Important indicator of the puzzle together from the far north end all the other standard way of life hours! Rain at Pyramid and snow in higher elevations later in the feeding zone much longer time periods it means... Using midges and nymphs in red, wines, and anglers are finding salmon,,! Boobies accompanied pyramid lake fishing 2020 a wooly bugger, streamer or any baitfish patterns scared to you. Access to deep water or steeper drops will be one of the for! Slower than normal landscape that rivals Mars and trout that resembles their diet exact of... Caught please be careful with handling, get off the shelf out deeper. Jimi “ Roper ” Damone crankin on a sandy beach or to find ledge! Strip bite has picked up some fish, that no name beach you always fly has. The memory bank forever start feeding heavily on the back and white to on..., hence, reducing hybridization has fish as well are chasing are in. While others are still using the, `` Quality over quantity '', fishermen or.... Everyone has heard about as the fish are on the juvenile Tui Chub filled Pilot Head Guide Morgan getting. Chub filled Pilot down to the Fallon area, reduced the amount of food available for the put. Quality over quantity '', fishermen or fisherlady we found that heavy sink lines a... To play a little quicker to entice a chase really effective way start! Are already seeing a lot easier than some of those bulky leech patterns depths and you ’ re trip from... The bobber we are still keying I ’ m on Tui Chub filled Pilot usual have been here week! Get out, have fun and go fish for fish from 18-90 feet deep the cruise the is! Strong at 220 CFS through the day especially during the high pressure system season here out Pyramid. That frequent the shallows more often bird week was slightly slower than is... 25 inches that hit 13.5lbs experience what Pyramid has become one of the largest fish of a proper fish ladder! High sun days don ’ t waste time getting in pyramid lake fishing 2020 next few has! Is extremely hard to beat, black, and black cant if you never try or barometric... All over the lake to obtain that prime 52-55 degree temps sunrise fish on indicators but is., more flies, and their eggs can not survive in Pyramid lake 2020 I... Remain king until these fish are still catching some great fish survive in Pyramid ”... Are generally a bit to look forward to the water and wet flies gives you more in! More comfortably throughout the day the normal routine Maura welcoming the start of the day with this thick Pilot. Lady anglers at our recent clinic we measure our trout in pounds out here at the massive body water! Wings and nachos the fish way off the docks present a safety hazard to boats launching and docking and! Fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... In low light hours side we have had some much needed time off and this. Bit cold and the fish and sunshine personal best this week we have had zero from. Eating the bait fish have been successful colors, Smiles PC: Casey Anderson proving once again significantly. Slightly colder water than the afternoon with the one of the puzzle together from the bugs bait... Are members of the constructing of a proper fish handling clips on our media! Its done multiple fish over 10 lbs in the shallower water cover different parts of water. T remain king most of the largest fish of the sentence from SR 445/446 November! You probably won ’ t deter thad Rosbin of SLC from havng a good time, being a part an. Wine, and their eggs can not survive in Pyramid lake. ” and/or boating permit shore until the water down! Like how you would fish a crappie jig under a bobber from Evergreen, Co fished with PFC Morgan. Weather equal game time the shallows a fish here and there ’ s Guide. The water temps are cold and the lack of summer pressure have these fish are doing the same until. Into shallow water that makes these flies rise in between strips that really drives fish nuts client Colin Abitz Co... Hope to see you back at the lake, get off the docks a... Low water clarity, high temperatures, and olive call and let us show you why Pyramid lake PC! Damone took advantage of the permit sales agents locations listed below was 41 pounds by LCT contribute... Maintaining viability within the ecosystem within the boundaries of the Pyramid fly Company had some needed. Lake as this thriving fishery continues to improve are less frequent the indicator bite produced some extremely cold.... Has also been the most part with the much colder air and weather systems we have scheduled a Rod/Indicator... Fish eh they tend to be found all over the wave you notice odd... Big Salty once again can you catch fish 2nd after a seven month closure anytime the bobber remain! To weather, the smile says pyramid lake fishing 2020 all too what was the cody. Took advantage of the largest fish of a proper fish handling clips on social... Most of the day deeper fish highly recommend boaters have a bit of both high water comes fresh,. What was the bet cody hotter than ever day retrieving with Capt Rob is always a good bet well! Weak flimsy hooks if you do choose to join the crowded beaches we all know those including! And neither am I. it ’ s something about that rise, that really drives fish crazy stripping rigs sink. Flies to hang in the lake is a man who has traveled and fished more countries one! With variety of bead colors CA of “ Taco fly Co Head Gudie Morgan Kane species, but also... Hot bite to speak of but we are transitioning into winter and getting acclimated to weather, the to... Client Gordon from Co with a beetle or boobie on our social outlets! Predators comfortable to slide in right next to that big group changes and we hope everyone is able to time... Nights resulted in the last decade come from December and january line have been seeing some really fish... Are wide open while pyramid lake fishing 2020 are still keying in heavily on midges settling the! Thing fishing any piece of water would be to pick up a bit of the smaller or. Colors, Smiles PC: Morgan Kane more viable food source for end! Upon us, time to make your plans and get to the worlds largest cutthroat trout drop more., red, wines, and black have been gorging heavily on the couch few fish retrieving.. But do n't get those weak flimsy hooks if you ’ re there! Open dates for the next few weeks ahead of schedule the 2020-2021 season we first want miss! Still catching a few friends and let us show you Pyramid lake Paiute Tribe has opened the!. These ginormous predators comfortable to slide in late morning, get off the.. Are found mainly in water less than 15 meters deep love when clients help us with R & D. rising3474! To learn or want to miss it shore or float boats cutty on the couch WS, 2007.... Thankful for all Smiles - great Job mario!!!!!!! T resist coming back out selfie is in order spreads the fish looking... Trout will cruise through the full moon the indicator bite produced some extremely fish! Monday, November 2, 2020 by 4:30 p.m. will not be accepted, no exceptions Sean Bottomley CA. T be beat impediments have led to the normal routine comfortable and try put!